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Cassowaries are a special attraction at Etty Bay and the Residence and Old Pottery grounds and adjacent National Park is home territory for two of them.
These Cassowaries wander freely and may be seen almost daily and present great photo opportunities.
Please treat these wild birds with the respect they deserve.
They could be dangerous and they are naturally inquisitive. Sign boards at the beach and web sources provide plenty of information on Cassowary habitat and behaviour.

Cassowary up close at Etty Bay holiday home
Cassowary information at Etty Bay
Cassowary chic with its dad in the Residence back yard at Etty Bay

The Cassowary chick is raised by its father but before it becomes an adult it will be 'booted out' of its father's territory and will have to find its own area.

Cassowary chick resting outside the Old Pottery at Etty Bay
Adult Cassowary resting outside the Old Pottery at Etty Bay

According to an expert, this Cassowary is over 20 years old. The bird is comfortable and feels safe in the area or it would not rest like this. Please help maintain this wonderful situation.

Cassowary feet up close ... maybe too close, outside the kitchen at The Residence, Etty Bay

These claws can tear open an adversiary if the Cassowary decides to attack.
It is advisable to keep screen doors closed as one did wander into the Old Pottery when building was underway. If you are caught in a position which is too close for comfort either make a quiet retreat or raise your arms above your head (so you look much bigger) and make some noise. The Cassowary will usually wander off as you look and sound a bit unattractive.

Cassowary on the beach at Etty Bay

Cassowary on the beach at Etty Bay

Cassowaries mating at Etty Bay

Cassowaries mating at Etty Bay

Cassowary at Etty Bay
Cassowary on the beach near the swiming enclosure at Etty Bay
Cassowary on the beach at Etty Bay
Cassowary droppings ... in case you were interested

An interesting indication of the Cassowary diet and how much they need to eat.
It is easy to see how Cassowaries distribute the seeds of forest trees for regrowth and are an important part of the eco-system.

Cassowary road kill near Etty Bay. Drive with care on the Cassowary Coast.

A very sad ending for this Cassowary. Its remains lie near the Etty Bay road; something to think about.

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