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Yukon River Quest (2012)


"In June 2012, a team of paddlers from Tropical Far North
Queensland invaded distinctly untropical far north
Canada to stage a daring raid on the world’s
longest paddling race – the Yukon River Quest.
They came in search of glory, but first they had
to avoid killing each other…"

Read the Paddle Mag story by Geoff Wright

(.pdf version here)

One year later ... picture of Grant Davis paddling his OC1 outrigger  off Etty Bay

Exactly one year later ... Grant Davis paddling his OC1 outrigger off Etty Bay.

This high-tech carbon fibre craft is over 20 feet long but weighs in at around 7kg ! (13-15 lbs)
A sustained speed of 7-8 knots in calm conditions is normal for a fit paddler. With following seas the speed can approach 20 knots which is seriously quick.

If you want one of these for your own use, Grant can help set you up.
He is passionate and knowledgable about all sorts of paddling.

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